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Group for Trump era, individualistic, stereotype breaking, free thinking, boisterous as f**k Republicans. And me? I collect, organize & distribute info.

Guess that makes me a journalist; biased, agenda driven, but that agenda/bias is largely defined by my preference for being accurate even when spinning, transparency even if invested and truth even when it hurts. You?
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New Rumble Channel

I've been on the platform for what feels like forever as a user but hadn't wanted to bother learning the upload process. Then I got bored the other day and tried it out just to see if it was a pain in the ass. As long as the video files are on my PC it's easy as cake, so I started uploading the content (such that it is) from youtube. Going to leave out a few but I won't really be uploading to youtube anymore, just bitchute, Rumble, and maybe odysee.

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Truth Social Is LIT!

I topped 5,000 followers in like 6 days...
And it's not like I'm famous or anything.
I follow back, just fyi...

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Women's Soccer Teams Make MORE Than Men's Soccer Teams - So Why Are They Claiming They Get LESS?
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